A New Story Begins

Our greatest gift is when our characters find their forever homes! We never truly know the backgrounds of our intakes, so it certainly warms our hearts to see their updates. 

It was love at first sight for Charlie's mom and dad! Having fallen in love with him at his intake photo, they knew he was the one.
Pictured with her mom and uncle, Abby hit it off right away, with her forever family!
Teddy (Now Sonny)
Sonny loved Dublin so much, that he decided to stay local! His mom spoils him like the prince he is. She reports that he has grown quite a bit, but has no trouble being treated like her baby.
pictured with her mom, Dally has found a loving family to adore her. Despite her medical issued, her parents have been dedicated to helping her heal.
Roxy is doing fabulously in her new home! She is responsive to her training, and improves daily. He family adores her, and is so glad they chose her!
Sammy is the apple of her mom's eye. Enjoying northern life, Sammy has hit the jackpot.
Titus is loving life in an active family. Surrounded by his two footed nieces and nephews, he's enjoying having children to play with.
Lucy was the perfect match for her new dad. A first time dog owner, sweet Lucy was the perfect pup to show him the ropes. The two are loving life, and one another. Just the way we like it!
Sally (Now Remi)
Remi's parents new she would be the perfect addition to welcome their new baby. They report that she is getting along famously with her fur sibling, and will make a great nanny for the new baby.
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Sammy is the apple of her mom's eye. Enjoying northern life, Sammy has hit the jackpot.